Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Highlights フリーター、家を買う 1st epi!

Just finished the first epi of Freeter!
He made my eyes filled of tears ( >﹏<) 
The show focused on a everyday life topic: how should young adults find their right position in the society and how they are going to support their whole family when emergency occurs.
It's a drama that worth watching, I strongly recommend it.

I finally did some snapshots^^The Take(武) family members are really cute><
 Take Seiji kun, our freeter!
 His mom Sumiko san, having a depression.
Seiji's dad, Seiichi san. Very hard person.
Freeter's sister. She looks a lot like Karina, doesn't she?

I love their family❤
Karina chan! (Sorry her name didn't appear in the drama, so...)

I wonder how many layers of eyelids he has...:D

And...Guess what!
I made another GIF!
There's a scene which Seiji singing The Blue Heart's "Linda Linda"(リンダリンダ)in the Karaoke room alone. I keep groaning the melody of the song ever since watching that clip online...

Anyways, here's the Karaoke singer!

Can't wait to watch the next epi!o(*^▽^*)┛


  1. hahahahaha i like the gift!! ^.^

  2. >zulesakurai
    thank you!! He is extreamly cute in that scene, isn't he?