Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recieved 3 other CDs!

I was actually pretty upset on that day...

But these guys cheered me up!^^

Here we go!
From left to right, shiina's propose(2002), Arashi's Happiness(2007), and PIKA☆NCHI DOUBLE(2004).

You may or may not know who shiina is, because she's no longer a popular idol ever since 7 years ago when she broke up with our Kazunari.

They were made together though, I think.

ugh...this topic's kinda sad, let's move on!

This time Yesasia send me a paper box! I really like their way of wrapping my CDs:) 

What's more, there's only 2 bucks left in my account now...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Scans]Dear Snow Limited Edition

I received their latest single Dear Snow when I open my mail box today.
It's my first time shopping on Yesasia, pretty good experience.

So I scan it!
600dpi, nearly 3000pix, hope you enjoy it!

You can download it here: MF

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Highlights フリーター、家を買う 1st epi!

Just finished the first epi of Freeter!
He made my eyes filled of tears ( >﹏<) 
The show focused on a everyday life topic: how should young adults find their right position in the society and how they are going to support their whole family when emergency occurs.
It's a drama that worth watching, I strongly recommend it.

I finally did some snapshots^^The Take(武) family members are really cute><
 Take Seiji kun, our freeter!
 His mom Sumiko san, having a depression.
Seiji's dad, Seiichi san. Very hard person.
Freeter's sister. She looks a lot like Karina, doesn't she?

I love their family❤
Karina chan! (Sorry her name didn't appear in the drama, so...)

I wonder how many layers of eyelids he has...:D

And...Guess what!
I made another GIF!
There's a scene which Seiji singing The Blue Heart's "Linda Linda"(リンダリンダ)in the Karaoke room alone. I keep groaning the melody of the song ever since watching that clip online...

Anyways, here's the Karaoke singer!

Can't wait to watch the next epi!o(*^▽^*)┛

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

17.6%17.6%17.6% ! Freeter is No.1 !

So the audience rating of the new dorama came out today.

●══════════Can't keep calm!!!══════════●   
-平均-最新-前回比--局·枠--- タイトル----- 

16.40|16.4|--.-P|CX*木22|医龍~Team Medical Dragon~3 
*7.40|*7.0|-0.8P|EX__日23|霊能力者 小田霧響子の嘘 
●══════════Can't keep calm!!! End══════════●   
Boy he ACED! Beating 医龍3流れ星 and all other aired dramas.^^
I will become mad if he keeps shocking me with this kind of crazy news.
So happy that I can't go to sleep...
Dear Kazunari, You are my miracle boy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ie wo kau starts tomorrow!

Damn I couldn't watch the live broadcast because of time difference....
Have been waiting for this since last month! Hope they can have a high audience rating on the first episode...and of course the whole drama!><
Ganbade ne minna san!:p

(As a celebrating gift, I made a wallpaper out of his appearance on November's ESSE^^)

When I was viewing the updates on LJ earlier today I found that our dear Mr.NK has a new message on "konshou no hitogoto". The last few words of it made me smile on class, again= =
He said that Freeter is starting on 19th and want us all to watch.
(which he used the term "mitte ne!")
That is soooooooo cute!
How can he be this cute at the age of 27! Unbelievable!
Okay okay, I can accept the fact that he's a miracle XDDDD

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hatenai Sora on Baystorm!

Hello listeners, DJ Kazunari Ninomiya desu~
He played the whole version of 果てない空 on yesterday's Baystorm!!!
Now you can listen to this great theme song of his drama "Freeter、Ie wo kau" here in pretty high quality:p

I'm gonna try to translate the lyrics now...just trying cuz it's my first time^_^

Saturday, October 16, 2010


As I mentioned in the last journal, I was watching Magomago Arashi Boat Club the whole afternoon. It is a show which I recommend every Arashi fan to watch, at least one episode(there're 7 in total) and you can find how these guys form the team "Arashi" now.

For tonight, I'm going to post a little patchwork of snapshots I made about Nino's left hand.

Generally he's talking about why he was not able to be a oar. Unfortunately his left hand fractured during his Jr. time so that he can't hold anything for long even the microphone they use in concerts. That's why he chose to be a coxswain although it's much more boring than what the other members were doing. 
Dear Kazunari, 
You are the best, forever.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm shocked.
But he is astonished.
Never see him making a face like that on terebi, even really intense shows.
Although it's pretty late now, I decided to make this gif and post it as fast as I can.
A-studio is the best ohoku promotion shows till now. I really enjoyed it!!!
Will take more snapshots tomorrow after school, see ya.
==================Kase-kun CUT=================
Updated with a new gif^^
Sorry that I lied, I didn't take any snapshots cause I was watching the Magomago Arashi Boat ing Club episodes T_T
So I made another gif, hope you like it!Nino's face is soooooo cute!!!

Hatenai Sora Cover photo released!

果てない空!Hatenai Sora!無盡的天空!Endless Sky!
(or...anything else you wanna call it)

Thanks to JS's new layout design and managing plan, we can have a look at the BIGGER pic of the normal edition!
JS rocks! I love this cover design!
They look so mature and...attractive>///<
Both edition will be on sale Nov.10th
They're $20.49 and $15.49 USD on Yesasia right now for pre-order!
→☆→☆→☆→☆→☆→☆→Personal Nikki CUT ←★←★←★←★←★←★←
Just a little mumbling about my two orders at Yesasia, they were shown shipping to my spot almost half month ago but I still haven't receive a single one of them!
Customs, please be efficient.m(_ _)m
( checking the bank balanceT_T)

BTW, I'm having the best Friday ever!
On this morning's chem class, Grodde the teacher photocopied my lab observation as a good answer to show the whole class! It's the first time ever since I came to this school!
What's more, I got a 96% on the latest chem test which beat Philip's 92%^_^ also for the first time!
That makes me feel like a bird whole day~~!(singing)

╰☆╮╰☆╮╰☆╮feeling of having lots of stars today Y^^╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮
Last but not least, Kohara Yuki kun appeared on Nino's A-studio bangumi yesterday....!
Oh My God I miss him soooooo much!!!
Downloading the HD show now, will upload some snapshots later^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's new?


[映画.com ニュース] 公開12日で観客動員100万人、興行収入12億円を突破した「大奥」の大ヒット御礼舞台挨拶が10月13日、東京・有楽町の丸の内ピカデリーで行われ、主演の二宮和也金子文紀監督が登壇した。
●══════Translation & Review CUT o((>ω< ))o══════● 
Yesterday's news, I start laughing after seeing the title this morning during Tech class...
Movie Ohoku's conductor, Kaneko Fuminori san, compared Kazu-chan to a national treasure!
Thanks to my poor English vocabulary, I translated it into Chinese. 
As a reply to that, the sweetie cutie said,

想起之前ニコニコ上ニノver.的替え歌,说他外表是十代内心却是アラサー(around 30),其实我觉得他内心around 50都有了……Just kidding, uncles love kazu because he has a different atmosphere compare to the other actors of his age, I guess╮( ̄▽ ̄")╭

.*""*.·°∴ ☆…·…·…Personal Nikki CUT·…·…·☆..·°*""*.

As I mentioned before, I have Tech today.(Actually I have it every morning, but today's specialヾ(≧O≦)〃)
We started a new project which is using the magical Adobe After Effects to make some cool short video by following tutorials found online. 
That is, the most fascinating software I've ever known. 
Seriously, do you know how the TV shows and big movies got their breath taking opening animations? I would say they definitely used the AAE or at least some software close to it. Our teacher, White, introduced us with a tutorial site called VIDEO COPILOT running by the genius Andrew Kramer. Until now I've only got a tiny little knowledge about this software, but I have this feeling for sure that it's gonna change my life.<( ̄ˇ ̄)/ 

Am I getting too serious on that? o((⊙﹏⊙))o.

Let's do a little relaxing work by...

Having a look of chibi kazu!>//////<

And...that's it for today! I'm considering of starting some interesting projects here, but it depends on my time schedule...I'm pretty busy these days (kicked away~(o_ _)'彡☆ 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time for the first post XDD

As you can see, 's the one that blows my heart away ><
Kazunari the gamer!
That's a lie, he prefers to be called an "idol" instead of an "actor" although he's got such an amazing talent on that^_^

However, that's also a reason why I love him so much! Holding his faith for more than ten years, never give up what he believes o(∩_∩)o 

Anyways, this blog will be mainly focusing on Kazu and other j-stars!
I'll try to make it fun, but...you know it's a bit hard for me~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~